About​ Me



Psychotherapy qualifications and experience

  • UKCP registered.
  • NHS Associate therapist.
  • Nuffield Health approved therapist.
  • BCPC approved therapist.
  • Accredited by the Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling.

I undertook extensive training as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor. I currently hold three counselling diplomas…

  • WPF psychodynamic advanced diploma.
  • WPF psychodynamic agency diploma.
  • CSCT Integrative Counselling Advanced.

As a requirement of my training, I have also undertaken intensive psychoanalytic analysis over many years. I have had rigorous supervision of my clinical work throughout.

I have previously worked for Southside, a charity based in Bath, also for Wessex Counselling Service, a charity based in Frome.

Through my work with these charities, I have been involved in teaching, training, mentoring and setting up a clinical library.

Qualified Ante Natal teacher and nurse

Ante Natal teacher

I worked for the National Childbirth Trust for ten years teaching Ante Natal classes to couples. During this time I worked with people experiencing a wide range of issues such as Post Natal Depression, traumatic birth, premature baby, still birth, cot death, bereavement during pregnancy, adoption, diagnosis of childhood disorders, trauma experienced after sexual abuse, and many other related issues. I have also been a birth partner on three occasions, which has enabled me to develop an understanding of this role.

Having a family can impact on your life and your relationships in many ways. Counselling can help you to process this impact and enable you to move forward.


I trained as a nurse at the Royal United Hospital in Bath and have worked as a theatre nurse and in casualty. Through this work I gained experience of working with people experiencing both physical and emotional difficulties.